Why Do Public Sector Unions Support Cuomo

It’s a conundrum to me why year after year, the unions, especially the public sector unions, support this anti-union bully. New York’s voters will have the opportunity this Nov. 6 to elect 2 genuine unionists, activists in their own unions, Howie Hawkins and Jia Lee of the Green Party. And in Staten Island’s 6rd AD they can send the union activist, John Dennie to the Assembly¬†¬† See link below:



Glad to See Cynthia Nixon Come Out for Repeal of the Odious Section 210 of the Taylor Law

I am a strong supporter of Howie Hawkins, Green Party candidate for Governor. Nevertheless, I was heartened to read of Cynthia Nixon’s call to repeal Section 210 of NY’s Taylor Law, imposing Draconian penalties on workers and their unions when they exercise their basic human right to collectively withhold their labor. I’ve been pounding on this issue for many years. Take 2 minutes to watch the linked video of my diatribe before the MTA board a few years ago. :